Information That Will Help You before you write your email
1. Yes, I know there is a war on.
2. No, I am not a terrorist
3. I am an Independent Voter
4. I am not a Card Carrying Communist
5. I know that planes fly out of NAS Key West
6. I don't hate You or the Military
7. I am not a trouble maker


Email Received

June 28, 2007
  After hearing about your site, I felt compelled to view it and am absolutely appalled.  Have some pride in your country buddy, and the only bigot in this area is you. First of all, this airfield has been here for a long time, and as technology changes, so do the planes.  Did your relatives pitch a fit because prop planes went away and jet fighters were introduced? NO, they didn't because they knew that the mission of this base enables our pilots to be ready for anything that happens in a war zone. I bet they didn't mind the military sinking u-boats 15 miles from here during WWII either. If you were uncomfortable with the noise, you shouldn't have moved near a military air base.
  As a man that used to work on the flight deck of a carrier, the super hornet is not drasticly louder than a legacy hornet, and the difference is in the bass freq. not overall DB's.  Also, why not post your concerns earlier? I have personally launched Super Hornets off Boca Chica dating back to 2001. 
  Relating to some of your FOI requests, why on earth would you need to know anything about military manpower, our marina access(starting to sound like a terrorist at this point), or the names or addresses of the occupants of the marina slips(definatly not info you need)? The people in those boat slips are active or retired military, with DOD identification. Maybe you should get a life and stop hassling the military, and its service members.
PS.. If you are a real man, not a sorry excuse for a human being,  you would post THIS email on your ill conceived site, as well as a good explanation of why any of the info you have requested is something that you have the right to know.
Tom Crist
Email Response

Hello Tom
You being a Veteran and a Citizen, I salute YOU!
Thanks for your input and I will post your comments later this afternoon.
That's the American way!  (Not the Navy way, I am afraid).  If we leave it up to the Navy
we will have to wait for a catastrophe enveloping an F18 Super Hornet before anything is
researched or proper paperwork is filled with the appropriate agencies. As you can see from some of the
research on the site, YOUR NAVY is not the present day NAVY.

As far as the facts, send them along. I will post your views immediately.
In the mean time, here are a few questions.
1. As far as "sinking U Boats", How many were actually sunk using Super Hornets flown out of Key West?
2. Did you wear Navy issued ear protection in your flight deck job?  (We were not issued anything.)
3. Are you not just a little bit curious about who owns those very expensive boats at the MWR Marina? (You are telling me
that Seaman First Class Johnson has US$250K to spend on his boat? WOW... Join The Navy!)
4. You launched Super Hornets in 2001 from NAS Key West?  The NAS Key West group told us they started in 2004 flying the Super Hornet.
Did I miss something else?

I will post your email and response later today.

Rebutal 1

Answers to your rebuttal questions.
1. U- boats; No superhornets didn't sink the u-boats....however giant mines placed in the water(in a highly fragile environment) did. And nobody said a negative word about it..
2.Hearing protection;  Yes, however I was standing 4 feet from the after-burners not 1500 ft.
3.Marina boats: Do you have a clue how many retired O-6 and above live in Key West, and/or visit on a regular basis? Retirement checks are very hefty for those individuals. And if those Retired Vets are corporation execs.(not saying they are), they still have the right to utilize the base...they earned it.
4. Yes, I am a plank-owner of the Super Hornet platform...and the first detachment to Key West was Jan 10-Feb 23 2001. Every month or two since then, E/F model hornets have made dets to Key West. VFA-106 currently has a perm. det here (A-D models for years, and in 2004 also got E/F's), but only have E/F models every so often. 85% of the air traffic at NASKW are still Legacy Hornets.  Mind you, F-15's have been coming here much longer than that, and they are a hell of a lot louder than E/F model Hornets. 
Did I forget anything?
Tom Crist

Email Response

Hello Tom
Great Information!  I am saluting as I write this.  Long Live War!  Long Live the Super Hornet!!!!!
I can't stop.

If you think I am trying to close the NAS Key West facility you are wrong.
How could a single citizen with no political clout do such a thing?  And Ask Questions of the
Navy, no less.  (I can see John Paul Jones rolling over in his grave)

But just to clarify my mission, I want you, and everyone who is going to call me names, to
get this straight.  I asked one question at my initial meeting with NAS Key West personnel...
" Who was the NAS Key West person responsible for changes in the 2004 AICUZ map?"
Seems simple enough, don't you think? ( I even tried to use no more than two syllable words so as
not to confuse anyone.)

No threats of letter writing, No tantrums that I would call my congress person, just one simple question.
"Who was the NAS Key West person responsible for changes in the 2004 AICUZ map?"
No one at the NAS Key West facility has the answer.  Someone at NAS Key West changed that map.
You want to give a guess?  ( Hey Deep Throat... are you reading this?  Give me call.)

If I were a good military person like you, I would write a note to the present CO and demand that he
find the answer to that question.  (I have included a definition of the word truth in case the CO has no
understanding of that word) The definition of truth is "agreement with fact or reality".
Otherwise, we have to assume that there are no dictionaries on the base.  Tell the CO to put down the
version of the Constitution edited by Dick Cheney and go out and buy the one authored by Thomas Jefferson.
There are some dramatic differences!

It is the present command at NAS Key West that is practicing this discriminatory policy against
normal citizens that face the consequences of The Navy's "Social Bigotry" campaign here in Key West.
Did you know that NAS Key West does not block "building in the crash zone" if the housing is for
poor or lower income people?  I am sure the Navy has some report which identifies that segment of our community
as a segment of the population that cannot afford an attorney to fight "Social Bigotry".  (Sorry, I get carried away when
I speak of social injustice.)  I bet that guy who changed the 2004 AICUZ map knows where that report is.

All in all, I understand your concern but believe me, I support every service person and their families for their sacrifices
and I believe that they would support the First Amendment right of every American that wants to ask a question.

Paul S. Caruso